Rehabilitation Services

Whether you are suffering from a sport or spine injury or a complex neurological condition--we have all the skills and tools necessary for each stage of your recovery. The physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices featured below are all used to achieve specific therapeutic goals: decreasing inflammation and pain, promoting soft tissue healing, 


Neurological Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation


Non-invasive Neuromodulation

Physical Rehabilitation

Bertec Advantage.jpg

Bertec Balance Trainer

The Bertec Balance Trainer is computerized posturography device that can objectively measure balance, postural stability and risk for falls. It's training modules can be used to strengthen one's balance, coordination, weight shifting abilities and postural reaction times. The training can be customized according to an individual's area of weakness while providing visual feedback and measurement of one's daily progress. 

Jake Spine Force.jpg

Spine Force

Is the only rehabilitation device that has been developed to target the 180 deep postural muscles. As one pushes and pulls against dynamic resistance it engages the reflexogenic systems that control balance, coordination and postural muscles. 

Jake SVI.jpg

Sanet Neuro-Sensory Integrator

Designed by the optometrist, Dr. Blank Sanet, this device