What is Chiropractic Neurology?

Chiropractic neurology is an evidence-based model of care which utilizes diagnostic and treatment approaches that can measure and improve the function of the brain and nervous system in health and disease. This is achieved by performing a thorough health history, neurological examination and diagnostic testing that can measure the function of neurological systems independently and as an integrated whole—tests such as computerized posturography, gait analysis, videonsytagmography, saccadometry and Sanet Vision Integrator are some of the technologies we use to evaluate the brain and physical performance. These tests have been well established in their ability to objectively measure sensory-motor processing, balance and postural reflexes, visual tracking strategies, hand-eye coordination, dynamic visual acuity, reaction times, mental processing speed and specific types of cognitive functions. To learn more about each of these tests you can go here: Diagnostics for Concussion and Brain Injury.

With this information a well-trained chiropractic neurologist is able to identify an individual’s strengths and weakness throughout one's nervous system and to customize a rehabilitation plan that can improve function with measurable results. Our unique treatment strategies integrate the latest applications in vestibular and neurological rehabilitation that are designed to target and promote neuroplasticity and restore function with greater specificity—offering hope for many suffering with complex neurological conditions. 

Treatment is tailored to address each individual's needs and often includes a combination of physical, sensory, cognitive and eye movement exercises in order to restore function and improve physical and mental performance.