Concussion Treatment:

Advances in Brain Rehabilitation

The right diagnostic tests can be the key to better results.

The delay in obtaining a proper diagnosis and treatment following a brain injury, concussion, or neurological disorder can have profound consequences to a person's life. From persistent headaches, dizziness and visual tracking issues to changes in one's mood, behavior and cognition--these symptoms often limit one's existence to remaining at home or avoiding activities due to the frequent triggers that occur in everyday life.

Being able to differentiate where individual symptoms are coming from and identifying which pathways in the brain have been injured with diagnostic testing is an essential step toward receiving brain injury rehabilitation or concussion treatment care that can selectively target, strengthen and restore your health.

7 Categories of evaluation and treatment for concussion and brain injury.

  1. Hemispheric Functional Connectivity

  2. Cognition

  3. Mood & behavior

  4. Visual

  5. Auditory-vestibular

  6. Somatosensory

  7. Physiological function

Personalized brain rehabilitation

Chiropractic neurology uses a highly intensive regimen of physical and neurological exercises combined with neuro-stimulation techniques that can selectively target, strengthen and promote neuroplasticity in the impaired areas of the brain and nervous system due to injury or illness. 

Known as "neural networks", the brain works on patterns of electrical activity which communicate and synchronize multiple regions throughout the brain together in order to perform physical and mental tasks. With brain injuries, neuronal cells and neural networks become damaged, out of sync, can fire erratically, and are often hyper-sensitive and prone to fatigue. 

Our unique approach provides a non-invasive method to re-synchronize brain activity with sensory input as it's combined with physical movement patterns, visual exercises and cognitive tasks in order to retrain your brain's functional abilities. The precise application of nerve stimulation protocols and therapeutic exercises are tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Throughout the rehabilitation process we repeat our diagnostic testing to measure your results and to further modify your treatment plan to continue advancing your progress.

In situations when we are not able to restore function to damaged regions, we focus on retraining the healthy regions of your brain to take over lost functional abilities or to assist with more appropriate adaptive strategies that can improve the quality of your life.

Evidence-based nutrition supports brain health and healing.

The health of your brain and it’s ability to heal is dependent upon the optimal function of your body, its organ systems and physiology. So, we don’t assume that you are only suffering from a brain injury. We perform a comprehensive history, examination and laboratory testing to evaluate your entire health status. This involves measuring blood sugar levels and complete blood count, obtaining a metabolic panel and cardiovascular risk profile, monitoring inflammatory markers, testing hormones and screening for possible infections that can complicate one’s ability to heal.

With this additional information we are able to recommend specific nutritional and natural medicine approaches which can support your ability to heal and recover. Dr. Chung also works with a team of integrative medicine specialists who can collaborate in providing the best care available once we have identified your specific needs.


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